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Saudi Controls Ltd. is one of the foremost engineering and systems integration companies in Saudi Arabia, a longtime trendsetter in the field with an established reputation for multidisciplinary expertise and competitive prices going back 25 years. Currently undergoing exponential growth, Saudi Controls has branched out from its head office in Riyadh to every corner of the kingdom, providing tailor-made technical solutions utilizing state of the art innovations in various fields of civil and security systems to an ever expanding client base with which we share a long-term relationship built on trust and reliability.

Over the last 25 years we have worked closely with our customers to successfully complete more than 200 projects, leveraging cutting-edge technological savvy and a wide network of high profile partners to carve out a place as pioneers in the business.


Solution & Technologies

Saudi Controls specializes in personalized solutions that encompass a wide range of high-tech fields, from building systems to the industrial sector, from communications to security. Our decades of experience on the cusp of the latest technologies and our extensive network of experts allow us to provide full-fledged products and services across the entire spectrum of modern technological needs.

Building and Energy Management Systems

SCL offers a comprehensive range of building management systems for every area of use like heating, ventilation, air conditioning, cooling application, electrical devices, and mechanical equipment, and for every technical requirement. These building management systems are optimally matched so our clients can profit not only from minimized installation and operating costs, but from a high level of security against failure as well.

Using some of the world's leading open protocols in building and energy management, SCL designs, installs, and services state-of-the-art BMS solutions to help clients (commercial, institutional, residential and government buildings) reduce operational and energy costs, increase productivity, safety and efficiency, and locate the optimal point in regards to their energy strategy. With the implementation of each solution, Saudi Controls provides building management systems to the highest international standards, ensuring that client's building energy consumption makes as small of an impact on the buildings as possible.

The BMS solutions include:

  • Integrated Building Management Systems
  • Energy Monitoring/ BTU Metering Solutions
HVAC Control

SCL offers an extensive line of quality, feature-rich HVAC controllers for BACnet© and LONWORKS© designed for dependable long-term performance. Our HVAC controllers are based on a robust common hardware platform and share the same programming and productivity enhancing toolset, providing increased efficiency and options for system design, installation, service, and maintenance.

Our extensive line of BTL listed BACnet and LONMARK© certified LONWORKS controllers, based on a robust common hardware platform, provides the features and flexibility to address the demands of even the most sophisticated projects, while providing a competitive value offering:

  • Common hardware platform
  • Choice of custom programmable controllers or plug-and-play, pre-configured application specific controllers
  • Unique embedded Open-to-Wireless™ solutions.

Lighting Control Systems

Saudi Controls offers lighting control systems to help our clients feel comfortable, productive, and safe. Our lighting systems can control world-class traditional and LED luminaires with analog and digital controls that allow the lights to deliver exactly the right illumination experiences exactly where they are needed.

Security / Access Control Systems

SCL helps its clients to achieve maximum security while increasing efficiencies and lowering costs for their buildings. Built on open standards and compatible with virtually any third-party program, our state-of-the-art security and access control systems can integrate multiple businesses, buildings and safety systems to achieve interactive, real-time security management. The built-in web browser allows client to access the scalable to the needs platform from a central location - or remotely, through web-connected devices. Plus, the system's graphical interface is intuitive and easy to use, where programmed cards are controlled from a central location producing reports of personnel movement, time attendance, events, and visitors at all times. SCL offers the following systems:

  • Convenient entry keypads (code access)
  • Biometric solutions (voice/facial recognition & fingerprint verification)
  • Intercom communication (audible verification with remote door release)
  • Time & attendance system
  • Standalone/ PC based access control system
  • IP based audio-video door entry system
  • Proximity readers

Hotel/Room Management

SCL is a leader in the design and delivery of integrated room control, access control and energy management systems for hotels, serviced apartments, large residential properties and offices. We can provide the complete control infrastructure and management systems for hotels and commercial properties, ensuring major benefits in improved manageability of room assets, energy savings, and connectivity flow for our clients.

Fire Alarm Systems

SCL is an expert in fire alarm and life safety systems, providing all fire alarm needs whether it be the design process, installation monitoring and maintaining fire alarm testing or service. The design team can provide a comprehensive fire protection system for the facility that focuses on consulting their team to supply superior design and code compliance.

From simple systems to multi-building and voice evacuation systems, our design team will work with the client to assist with their unique code requirements and specifications. Our fire-detection systems include electronic heat and smoke detectors that can activate audible alarms and automatically notify local fire departments.

Smoke detection is an important element of fire and life safety, so protective measures include the automatic shutdown of ventilating systems and elevators and the division of the building into smoke proof compartments. Occupants evacuate through protected exits that are automatically lit up in an emergency.

Public Address System

SCL is an innovator in the construction of public address systems that provide safety, convenience and keep the public informed through announcements, background and foreground audio. SCL pioneered the use of very large scale, centrally controlled distributed loudspeaker systems, and pattern control arrays to that can be designed to deliver intelligible speech and audio over thousands of square meters to address crowds of thousands of people. Applications for large scale PA systems, such as tower buildings, shopping malls, convocation centers, airports, fair grounds, and campuses require the design expertise of audio system professionals from SCL.
When a PA system is used to provide announcements for the safety and convenience of the public it is important to have sound engineers that know the best equipment and configurations for both speech intelligibility and audio fidelity.
We can advise the client on:

  • Amplifiers
  • Distributed Loudspeaker Design
  • IP Paging Systems
  • Speakers
  • Constant Voltage Systems
  • Full Range Speakers
  • Large Scale Loudspeaker Arrays

EV charging for Smart Cities
Saudi controls is in partnership and a shareholder in Connected kerb. CK developed a unique and patented suite of products that enable public EV charging, but critically, also act as 'smart city' technology building blocks that will enable the future of transport and mobility in urban areas.

The Company's first products are focused on the provision of power and data enabled EV charge point nodes at kerb-side, addressing the main market challenge of the transition to EVs; the availability of robust, price competitive and future-proof public charge points. CKL's target market sectors are central and local government organisations, property developers, power/data service providers and corporate fleet and employee provisioning; those organisations that will increasingly carry the burden of EV infrastructure roll-out and operation.
Flexible products, consistent performance
  • The Gecko Creatively designed to fit to existing street furniture, such as parking posts or bollards, the Gecko connects either as a singular, or paired socket, to a subterranean master charger unit, monitoring and controlling power flow to the socket and vehicle. Our lowest visual impact solution, it is perfectly suited to on-street residential landscapes where its sympathetic design blends discretely into the established street scene.

  • The Limpet Our newest wall-mounted solution, the Limpet is made from recycled tyres and is designed to fit onto existing wall structures, connected in clusters of 5-10 sockets to a wall-mounted master charger unit, monitoring and controlling power flow to the socket and vehicle. Durable, discrete and environmentally sympathetic, it is best suited for public / private below-ground and multi-storey car parks where ground-mounted solutions are less appropriate.

  • The Armadillo Our original pioneer product, the Armadillo is made from recycled vehicle tyres, ensuring minimal environmental impact and maximum durability, hence, its namesake which in Spanish translates to “little armoured one”. Aesthetically it is sympathetic to the existing physical landscape where it is deployed, minimising additional visual disruption.
Industrial Automation - Scada System

Based on advanced and intelligent platform technologies, SCL delivers power and flexibility through industrial automation systems, meeting clients' automation challenges with technology designed around recognized global standards and modular architecture, which allows them to avoid product obsolescence and offers seamless migration path to the very latest technology. This layering of the latest solutions protects the clients' investment in existing systems while providing them with the freedom to upgrade or add to the system depending on their needs, thanks to easy integration.

SCL provides reliable peace of mind through its advanced technology for control I/O, HMI, and operator interface. With technology ranging from compact and economical micro controllers to cutting-edge programmable automation controllers and the open flexibility of industrial PCs, SCL provides solutions to accurately meet precise needs, offering a powerful software suite of open, integrated and scalable solutions designed to help clients solve their greatest operations challenges. From control and optimization to lean production execution and enterprise integration, our software offers the depth and breadth of capabilities necessary to keep our customers' operations ahead of the curve.

SCL has an outstanding team of employees. Our engineers have applied experience as plant managers, project managers, and multi-disciplined engineering functions, and SCL's designers and skilled tradespeople specialize in manufacturing processes, machine design, and industrial applications. Through authorized relationships, training, and applied use of the latest hardware and software, SCL continuously updates its knowledge and experience base.

SCL specialists have a set of specific application expertise that they can deliver:

  • PLC & DCS Programming
  • RFID & Bar Code
  • SCADA/HMI/Historian/Alarming/Reporting/Workflow
  • Systems Integration
  • Validation
  • Test Systems

SCL provides solutions and services for the following industries:
  • Oil & Gas
  • Power / Energy Utilities
  • Renewable Energy
  • Water and Waste Water
  • Tunnel Ventilation
  • Transportation

Internet of Things

SCL is a leader in offering a technology that deals with bringing control of physical devices over the internet. Here SCL proposes efficient industry automation system that allows user to efficiently control industry appliances/machines over the internet. For demonstration of this system SCL uses 3 loads as industrial appliances or machines and a motor to demonstrate as an industrial motor. Our system uses an advanced family microcontroller for processing all user commands. A wifi modem is used to connect to the internet and receive user commands.

On sending commands through the internet they are first received by our wifi modem. The modem decodes information and passes it to the microcontroller for further processing. The microcontroller then switches loads and operates the motors as per receiver's commands. Also it displays the system state on an LCD display. Thus we automate entire industry using online GUI for easy industry automation.

Machine to Machine (M2M)

Connection of different devices to transmit or receive its data remotely over wired or wireless network which includes the following:

  • Remote Data Collection (state of machines)
  • Remote control (management)
  • Telemetry (sensors, measurements in real time)
  • Remote payment (home banking)
  • Wireless in healthcare
  • Telematics (Intelligent Transport, navigation)
  • Remote monitoring (access control, management of alarms, emergency services)

Intelligent Traffic System

Working closely with international partners, Saudi Controls is executing a project with Arriyadh that includes 400+ intersections. It is a massive project that is being all completed simultaneously. Working on such a large scale project in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is challenging on many levels, but Saudi Controls was able to form teams of engineers and technicians that worked together to install the system from scratch and connect it to the rest of the link across Riyadh city.

Alongside ITS Saudi controls focuses on the implementation of the follow systems:

  • VDU Detections
  • Parking Systems
  • weight in motion (WIM)
  • Traffic preemption and priority system
  • Toll Roads

Video Conference System

SCL's video conference solutions include the ability to see and edit the same documents in real time - documents that can be shared wirelessly from personal devices, annotated, and saved. The video conference solution can be sourced from an on-premise system, a cloud subscription service, or a hybrid of the two. Complementing these enhanced video conference systems are open collaboration workspaces and huddle rooms that make it easy to quickly gather in small groups, connect with others outside the office or organization, and exchange ideas.

Video conferencing has been a critical component of business communication for many years. But today, with more integration possibilities, video conferencing has evolved into a more collaborative experience. With more powerful technology, communication can be about more than just being face-to-face. It can include content sharing, white-boarding, and annotation - and other tools that make it possible to have an actual "working meeting." Video collaboration systems bring people together in new ways, expanding on the capabilities of traditional video conferencing.

PTP & PTMP Wireless Communications

Saudi controls is specialized in wireless communication and is currently implementing its system across Riyadh. The project consists of two types of wireless communication: PTP & PTMP. It is important to note that the systems can be installed in either licensed or unlicensed frequencies. This form of communication is very popular in the wireless communication industry. For point to multipoint communication, Saudi Controls engineers setup up the base station in order to connect multi nodes to it over wireless medium. The nodes can be seen all over Riyadh set up on various high locations in order to keep the line of sight so the system is capable of communication.

Saudi Controls is also working with point to point wireless communication that links these nodes that are being set up to one another without having a bay station. Saudi Controls engineers design and install the system by having the wireless nodes in the same line of sight to allow communication. This type of project in Saudi Arabia requires a lot of effort in order to have permits and accessibility to various rooftops. The project has been running seamlessly due to the high level of coordination and execution by the Saudi Controls team.

VSAT Systems for Audio, Video & Data communication

Saudi Control is an experienced company that installs VSAT communication systems. This system is capable of accommodating multiple users which will fall under the VSAT network. This is accomplished by configuring the system through multiple VSAT antennas that are located in different areas determined by Saudi Controls based on experience.

These antennas will relay back to the main antenna that is going be located in the office of the client's choosing. Saudi Control offers both types of VSAT, star, mesh or sometimes both of them combined. The benefit of such systems is the cost first and foremost, as well as the reduction in the data usage to transmit information between uplinks.

IT Networking

SCL represents leading international brands on structured cabling solutions, active networking, components and services. SCL provides solutions for data centers, server rooms, storage networks, switches, routers, firewalls media converters and value added professional services. We also implement wireless LAN and IP telephony solutions on turnkey basis.

Our wireless LAN solutions integrate seamlessly into an existing network enabling mobility and increasing productivity quickly and cost effectively with a high level of security. SCL offers a wide range of solutions for any data and voice system cables such as CAT5, CAT5e, CAT6, CAT6A, CAT7, and CAT7A ranges and various fiber types.

Our cabling accessories and services comprise of copper and fiber, ranging from multimode to single mode, which supports high network speeds. Our dedicated technical team works closely with customers to meet their demands with 100% satisfaction and reliability.

GPS Tracking Systems

Our satellite communications devices, approved and certified, including with the HERO certification, by DOD, are reliable, rugged, efficient, and have a proven performance record in harsh environments over 15 years of operation in the Gulf region, supporting different applications for the US DOD, Army, UN, NATO, and other government agencies. The back-end application interface is very flexible, from a standard web application to a customized API, as well as the capability to interface with the Tapestry applications, currently used by the US Army. Saudi Controls have delivered connectivity, and data collection, in various topologies depending on the client's needs. With these technological capabilities, we have deployed over 31,000 units, out of which 6,500 units are in Iraq, Kuwait, Jordan, Turkey, Sudan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, UAE, Oman and Qatar through different commercial, and governmental agencies, such as, Agility, Supreme, MI-C3 (UN), US DOD (Germany) and other logistics companies contracted by the US Government The geographical distribution of our support branch offices (KSA, Kuwait, Pakistan, Jordan, and Sudan) is uniquely positioned to provide exceptional support to our clients. Our fleet monitoring system is also deployed in ARAMCO's Sub-Contractor trucks and vehicles that haul chemicals throughout the country, such as sulfur, crude oil and other industrial cargo and chemicals.

In Transit Tracking System

Monitoring trucks and their shipments involves a lot of variables that should be accounted for. The main objective of the system that was taken in consideration by Saudi Controls when designing the solution was to give the relevant authorities and governmental agencies using this system a stronger grip on the transport industry and better efficiency and control on custom duties. In addition to the utilization of the system as a law enforcement tool, it is designed to contribute to the MIS (management information system) for the relevant authorities.

The tracking system consists of a GSM module for communication, GPS module for gathering positions and RF module for short range continuous communication with the e-seal. The GSM/GPRS module of the tracking unit will communicate its position including the e-seal report including id to the system servers via GPRS protocol on the GSM network. At the system servers these data will be logged into the GIS system and displayed in real time basis on the digital map using a graphical-user that is displayed on the visualization tools in the central control room.

RFID Tracking Technology

Gate Access Control and Parking Management System
Gate Access Control and Parking Management System is a solution based on RFID technology that Saudi Controls has deployed to one of the Ministries in the country as part of the security and safety campaign. Each vehicle has a Windshield Sticker Tag (WST) that is automatically recognized by the system that allows the opening of the barrier after system verification.

During the personnel registration, a picture can be added for additional identification. Time of day and days of weeks are also part of the criteria for validation.

Visitor and Employees Monitoring System Saudi Controls has deployed Battery-Assisted Passive (BAP) RFID technology for visitor and employees monitoring. The solution is for zone application where choke-points are deployed in an identified area where activators and receivers are installed. The set-up will detect the presence of the tag that was issued at the reception.

The system uses RF and TCP/IP network topology for data communication to the server infrastructure and using web for the front-end interface.

Aircrafts Ground Support Systems

SCL provides advanced voice and data communications solutions for air traffic control, and visual control between aircraft and the Command Control Center. We leverage our in-depth knowledge to integrate standards-based, state-of-the-art technology for unique requirements, and the products provide exceptional reliability and functionality for aircraft ground support systems. No matter what the environment or the operating requirements, the systems ensure that information can be readily and reliably exchanged on the ground. SCL now has the scale and range of capabilities to deliver the advanced technologies that improve the security, reliability, safety, capacity and efficiency of the mission-critical communications capabilities of aviation through high-speed voice, data and full-motion video.

The highly reliable, customized solutions keep airports, airbases, air traffic controls, and Command Centers ahead of the rapidly growing demands of the global aviation market, for:

  • Tele-brief System
  • Scrambling System
  • Brief/De-Brief System
  • Air Traffic Control System

Closed Circuit Television

SCL specializes in custom turnkey CCTV (surveillance), and can integrate multiple technologies to provide end-to-end unified security solutions. Our services include consulting, design, project management, 24-hour support, training, field services, installation and commissioning. Saudi Controls engineers deal with the most advanced CCTV equipment through partnerships with prestigious manufacturers. The product line includes:

  • PTZ Cameras
  • Dome Cameras
  • Day/Night Cameras
  • ANPR Cameras
  • Network / IP Cameras
  • Day/Night Cameras
  • Digital Recorders (DVRs)
  • Network Recorders (NVRs)
  • Camera Housings/Lenses/Accessories
  • Video Wall monitor
  • Video Management Software (VMS)
  • Thermal Cameras
  • Fisheye Cameras

X-Ray Cargo scanners technology

Saudi Control realizes that security is of utmost importance to any society. Alongside many of the systems, Saudi Controls is specialized in installing and operating scanners with material identification capabilities such as:

  • Cargo Scanners
  • Bag scanners
  • Walk-through scanners with material identification capabilities

Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems & Access Control System

SCL helps its clients to achieve maximum security while increasing efficiencies and lowering costs for their buildings. Safety is of utmost importance to Saudi Controls, whether it is technology or supply of materials we aim to have the latest products and technological solutions to provide our clients. Built on open standards and compatible with virtually any third-party program, our state-of-the-art security and access control systems can integrate multiple businesses, buildings and safety systems to achieve interactive, real-time security management. The built-in web browser allows client to access the scalable to the needs platform from a central location - or remotely, through web-connected devices. Plus, the system's graphical interface is intuitive and easy to use, where programmed cards are controlled from a central location producing reports of personnel movement at all times, time attendance, events, and visitors. SCL offer the following systems:

  • Convenient entry keypads (code access)
  • Biometric solutions (voice/facial recognition and fingerprint verification)
  • Intercom Communication (audible verification with remote door release)
  • Time & attendance system
  • Standalone/ PC based access control system
  • IP based audio-video door entry system
  • Proximity readers
  • Microwave detection system
  • Face recognition system
  • Buried and fence sensors
  • Safety

Operation and Maintenance

The ability to integrate operations and maintenance constraints from the design stage is key to guaranteeing that the system is functional and maintained in line with budget forecasts throughout its useful life. SCL boasts this unique knowhow thanks to its engineers who are specialized in operations and maintenance. SCL sometimes goes beyond its role of engineering and project management and operates and maintains the following systems infrastructures:

Parking Systems
Transportation Systems
Building Management Systems


King Fahd Air Base,Taif
Jordan Customs
Agility Logistics
University of Hail
KSA Embassy Cairo
Formula E Dariyah
PTP & PTMP For ATCS Project
Faisaliya Tower
Kingdom Tower 1
King Faisal Air Force Academy, Majmaah
Aramco Corporate Data Center
Al Rashid Mall - kHOBAR
Saudi Aramco Lab R & D
AL Rashid Tower - Al Khobar
Al Anoud Tower
Arriyadh Main Court
Bin Homran Center - Jeddah
Chamber of Commerce - Riyadh
King Abdul Aziz National Musium
King Fahd Specialist Hospital - Dammam
King Khalid Airport - Riyadh
Kingdom Hospital 1
Le Meridian - Jeddah
MOI - 1
Al Qassim National Hospital
Rosewood Corniche - Jeddah
Sabic HQ - Riyadh
Sama - Riyadh
Saudi German Hospital
Security Forces Hospital - Riyadh

Partners & Affiliates

As a household name with an established reputation and enduring relationships in the Saudi market, Saudi Controls has built a prestigious network of partners and affiliates whose names we are honored to be associated with, including:


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