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Integrated Access Control & CCTV Solution

EC-NetAX Security access control solution is a comprehensive, easy-to-use access control management solution built on a truly open, Web-based platform.

EC-NetAX Security system is a fully scalable solution suitable for projects ranging from single door installations to multi-building deployments, and features an intuitive Web interface that can be configured and managed by IT, security, or human resources staff.

  Allows for integrated control of HVAC, Lighting, and Access Control, resulting in energy savings through occupancy-based control when connected to the EC-NetAXTM System

  Integrates access control and security systems with your building management system, IT, and enterprise applications

  Allows users to monitor and control elevator/floor access, specific preset locations, and video via a single interface

  Easily add access control management and monitoring to a new installation or existing EC- NetAX system

  Integrated CCTV solution interfaces to many leading video equipment manufacturers

  Rapid access to video playback related to individual alarm events and alarms

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