Lighting Control Systems

  Integrated EC-LightTM LONWORKS® Lighting Control Solution

  EC-Light complete and flexible indoor and outdoor lighting control system is designed to meet the requirements of any commercial, retail, educational, or governmental site.
EC-Light lighting control system is fully configurable, making it easy to provide optimal illumination in different zones (i.e. reception, corridors, offices, and parking areas) and allows for quick re- configuration if changes are made to the building environment. The system also provides for minimized energy waste by delivering the best possible lighting in all settings and situations, regardless of occupancy state.

Energy Savings Through Lighting Control

Studies show that, in many cases, lighting loads account for 30 to 40% of a buildings energy use. EC- Light lighting control system can cut lighting energy usage by up to an estimated 70% by employing several energy saving lighting control techniques, including:

  Event-based scheduling

  Occupancy detection

  Timed switching

  Daylight sensing

  Task tuning

  Load sheddingin addition to the above energy saving lighting control methods, the system provides several other functions that provide even more control and automation, including

  Personal control

  Override and maintenance control

  Flick warning

  Astronomical clock

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