HVAC Control

Distech Controls offers an extensive line of quality, feature-rich HVAC controllers for BACnet® and LONWORKS® designed for dependable long-term performance.

Our HVAC controllers are based on a robust common hardware platform and share the same programming and productivity enhancing toolset, providing increased efficiency and options for system design, installation, service, and maintenance.

›  Extensive line of BTL listed BACnet and LONMARK® certified LONWORKS controllers, based on a robust common hardware platform, provides the features and flexibility to address the demands of even the most sophisticated projects, while providing a competitive value offering

  Common hardware platform increases serviceability and choice of protocol based on required application

  Choice of custom programmable controllers or plug-and-play, pre-configured application specific controllers provides unmatched flexibility at installation

  Programming and productivity enhancing toolsets facilitate device configuration and increase installation, troubleshooting, and commissioning efficiency by over 25%

  ECB and ECL 50 Series includes live graphics color display (integrated LCD operator interface)

  Support of AllureTM EC-Smart-Vue and Allure EC-Smart-Sensorcommunicating LCD sensors offers time-saving features such as air flowbalancing and pre-configured application selection

  Unique embedded Open-to-WirelessTM solution provides support of multiple wireless, battery- less sensors

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