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  • In December 2013, SaudiControls was selected by MOI (Projects development Division) for designing, supplying equipment’s, installation, testing and commissioning of BMS (Building Management System) for PT 9,14,15,19 for KAP-1. The project scope include the deployment of 75,000 points for 25 buildings located all over the kingdom.

  • This project has been recently awarded to SaudiControls. It bears total 40,000 points of fault signaling system. We will be involved in designing, supplying the required equipment and installation thereof. Finally the project will be tested and commissioned as per requirements of the Royal Saudi Air Force.

  • The project has been awarded to SaudiControls lately. SaudiControls is responsible for design, supply of equipment, installation, testing and commissioning of BMS (Building Management System) and chiller plants with an accumulated points of 50,000. The project is expected to be finished within this year.

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